Captain of the Week

Captain Sage

Ahoy Matey! You have been selected as the next “Captain of the Week” in our class. There is a special marked spot in our room to display your “All About Me” poster, picture, and treasured items.

Captain Sparrow is very excited to stay at your home for the next few days. He is always searching for treasure and loves to seek out new sights. Watch him carefully! Captain Sparrow brought along some of his favorite books for you to read. He loves to sit in your lap and listen to stories especially ones about pirates!

Activities of the Week

Monday: Bring your poster, five photos, and five items to share with the class. These items will be posted on our “Captain of the Week” star bulletin board for the week.

Tuesday: Read Captain Sparrow’s favorite books and use it for your 20 minutes of reading.

Wednesday: Use the writing paper in the binder to write our class a letter about the fun time you had with Captain Sparrow. Remember to include lots of details. When you are done, draw a picture to go along with your writing. Don’t forget to color your picture neatly.

Thursday: Return the “Captain of the Week” box to school and read your Captain of the Week letter to the class.

Friday: At the end of the day, you will pass on the “Captain of the Week” box to the next crew member in our class. Have fun and be sure to take care of Captain Sparrow for me. You both are a very important part of my crew.


Your Captain